Why We Create

Make unintentional soup

In the past month I’ve found myself spending 30 minutes here and there editing photos I’ve taken into abstract, formless color soups.





I don’t have any reason for doing this. I’m not planning on using them for anything. I’m not sharing them with anybody, or perhaps it’s more accurate to say I have no urge to share them. I just do it because I find the rhythm of digital deconstruction absorbing and sensuous.

Everybody needs at least one useless hobby. Creativity has a habit of showing up where effort dissipates. Finding an activity to do purely for its own sake, without the demand of skill refinement, without even the notion of skill, becomes a sponge for inspiration that otherwise dries up in the presence of intention.

Don’t tell anybody about your own unintentional soup. Some things grow best where the light is least.


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