Why We Act

Shower business

Who are you in the shower?

As a teenager, Kristen Wiig was an actor, as she explains in conversation with Marc Maron (27:15) :

Maron: So when did you start thinking, “Maybe I’m going to be hilarious?”

Wiig: Well I never thought that. I don’t know, I think it’s a normal thing to like, perform in front of the mirror and pretend you’re on stage when you’re in the shower, and use the curtain as a curtain for the stage… I was always fascinated with it, but I think every kid is.”

No, every kid is not fascinated with show business. I offer myself as disconfirmatory proof; I did not and do not (and will not and shall not) spend my shower hour performing scenes from Hamilton to a rapt, imaginary audience.

Instead, I might find myself behind a DJ deck, lining up the BPM of No Church in the Wild’s vocal track to the chorus of On’N’On. I swipe a slider at just the right moment and they sync immaculately, delivering a thousand sweaty, glowing dancers into rapture.

Whoever we are in the shower is the best clue we have for how to spend a free evening, an open weekend, a new class, or a leap of faith.

The goal isn’t to turn our shower career into our dry career (though that might happen too). You don’t even need to tell your friends about your shower career.

It’s good enough to just make soup.