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Apps are people too

The way I think about introversion is the same way I think about my iPhone. I have a bunch of apps on my phone that I love – I use Overcast to listen and learn, Strength to track my lifts, Messenger to stay in touch, Headspace to meditate, and Desert Golfing to truly (truly) meditate.

We all love apps and apps love us. *
-Kurt Vonnegut

The problem unfurls when I decide that it’s a good idea to listen to Overcast while chatting on Messenger between Strength sets at the gym, all while running Twitter in the background so I can check whether anything interesting has happened on Monday Night Raw (it hasn’t) (for two years). In thirty minutes of vigorous app activity, I can run my iPhone’s charge from 50% to 15%. Hell, Candy Crush on its own nukes a full battery in under 40 minutes.

Knowing this, I have a couple of choices in my day: run one or at-most two apps at a time; or plan to stop by my apartment for 30-45 minutes and recharge before I head out to do whatever I’m doing in the evening.

This is exactly how my introversion works. I love spending time with people, but there’s always the lingering itch of knowledge that my battery is limited, and the more people I’m interacting with simultaneously, the faster that battery drains. As a result, a two things happen:

  1. Selectivity: My reluctance to hang out in large groups doesn’t come from shyness, but an effort at energy conservation. Meeting somebody new takes more energy. The best case scenario is that a new person is Periscope, and the toll on my battery is absorbing, if even for a few moments.
  2. Naps: Sleep is the only way to recharge my social battery. If I brunch with a bunch of people in the morning, odds are I’m napping back to life in the afternoon. What’s great about naps is I can recharge my phone at the same time. Gotta streamline these things, you know?




  1. mike

    This resonates with me too. Introverts don’t necessarily dislike being social – it just takes more energy. I recharge by video games and housework. You must teach me how to nap one day.


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