Why We Act

The right question

The assignment is due soon. The emails are gathering, the noisy horde is at the gates. You are getting older.

And yet, you sit and stare at the screen and feel that old tug in the gut. Get up. Goof off.

The puritans among us would have you not delay.

Forget them. Procrastination is not a vice, it’s a signal.

Perhaps you are not prepared to complete the assignment.

Perhaps your work doesn’t excite you.

Perhaps your work does excite you, but right now your brain needs a break.

Perhaps you should be spending time with close friends, or reading and gathering ideas, or asking the boss for more context, or raising your heart rate on a jog around the lake.

Don’t rush to a reason. Don’t even jump from your seat, not yet. Just listen. Procrastination is usually the answer, it’s just a matter of figuring out the right question.